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Peer Review Report

In order to be admitted to or retain their membership in the AICPA, members of the AICPA who are engaged in the practice of public accounting in the United States or its territories are required to be practicing as partners or employees of firms enrolled in an approved practice-monitoring program.

Firms have peer reviews because of the public interest in the quality of the accounting, auditing, and attestation services provided by public accounting firms. In addition, firms indicate that peer review contributes to the quality and effectiveness of their practices. Furthermore, most state boards of accountancy require its licenses to undergo peer review, which they may also call compliance assurance, to practice in their state. Other regulators require peer review in order to perform engagements and to issue reports under their standards.

A firm enrolled in the AICPA Peer Review Program is deemed to be enrolled in an approved practice-monitoring program. The California Peer Review Committee has accepted the report on the most recent peer review of our firm. A copy of that report follows:

Peer Review Report 2014